8" Green Twisted Neck Bong

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  • 8" Twisted Neck Bong
  • Green Color 
  • 14mm male bowl piece
  • Thick Glass
Unravel your smoking experience and jazz it up with our irresistible 8-inch Green Twisted Neck Bong! Forget about ordinary, generic bongs -- jump in the luxurious world of twisted pieces. Enjoy a striking visual sensation as the smoke travels from the bowl to the rimmed mouthpiece, creating a swirl of alluring aromas that will take your breath away. Not only does this bong come with a creative design and mesmerizing features, but it is also practical and comfortable, making sessions last longer without putting too much strain on your throat. So don't wait any longer -- get those unforgettable smoking episodes now with our incomparable green twisted bong!
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  • $29.99
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