8" Blue Beaker Base Bong w/ Ice Catcher and Percolator

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  • Beaker Base Bong
  • 8 inches and made of glass
  • Connected Bowl + Stem
  • Ice Catcher
  • Single Percolator 
  • Also available in other colors!

An easy and affordable way to make sure you have an easy, smooth, and colorful smoking sesh! 

Using our amazing blue 8’’ glass beaker base bong, there’s no doubt both you and your smoking partners will fall in love instantly!

This mind-blowing water pipe will leave you more than satisfied with your shopping choices. Including a single percolator, ice catcher, and connected bowl + down stem, it’s sure to be a smooth hit every time. 

Decided that this color isn’t the hue for you? Check out our selection of other colors!

You won’t find other bongs for sale as unique and quality as these!

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