7" Premium White/Green Glass Hammer Bubbler w/ Percolator

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  • Premium Glass Bubbler
  • 7 inches
  • Easily fits in your hand
  • Crafted with percolator

Introducing our premium hammer glass bubbler, sure to be a perfect addition to anyone's smoking collection! Why buy a bubbler? They’re around the size of a pipe with a function closer to bongs! Bubblers make the perfect gift for any adventurous smoker.

Crafted to include a percolator and carb hole to make sure your hits are filtered and smooth as silk. 

This bubbler is the perfect size to bring along on adventures or to keep at home! Being semi-clear it’s easy to know when to clean! 

Available in 2 different colors there’s sure to be the perfect one to add to your collection! Available in an omniscient orange with gorgeous green innerworks, and an omniscient orange with brilliant blue innerworks!  

Is 7 inches too big for you? Check out our amazing selection of bubblers in smaller sizes! Available in 4, 5, and 6 inches! Maybe looking for something a little different from the same size? Take a look at our 7-inch smooth glass bubblers!

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Customer Reviews

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Sunny Daze

I purchased bc I had the Sherlock bubbler used it twice set it on the counter and went to grab it instead knocked it over and it broke. Do not fear as all has ended well with the purchase of this pipe it is all the I could have asked for and more. The bubbler is sturdy and pretty to look at with a clear stem so you can see it fill with smoke and then watch as it clears out. It is not harsh like a smaller bubbler might be. If this broke for any reason I would immediately purchase another.

Khalil Hayek
Always a great buy!

This bubbler was excellent quality. Delivers a smooth experience. Cleans out decently. We’ve been buying from SG for many years, products are durable, and good. We did need to use a screen with this bubbler. Over all I highly recommend any SG products!

I love it so much!

This bubbler right here.... It's amazing. Huge, smooth hits every single time. I was instantly in love. My new favorite piece for sure.
The only thing I can say is it may need a screen, depending on how fine you grind your herb.

D Rob
Super Smooth

Honestly, dangerously smooth. You've been warned.


This piece is absolutely beautiful. I found this pretty piece and purchased from this seller (same price) on eBay and.. from there... discovered their store. This bubbler is far heavier, more attractive, and larger than I expected. I have been over the top happy with it's beauty and performance!

Customer Reviews

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