7" Aqua Twisted Dab Rig Combo

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Items in bundle:
    • 7" Aqua Twisted Dab Rig
    • 14mm Quartz Banger
    • Bubble Carb Cap
    • Rainbow Metal Dab Tool

    Introducing the 7" Aqua Twisted Dab Combo, your all-in-one solution for smooth hits and flavorful dabs. This sleek combo includes a 7" Aqua Twisted Bong with a 14mm Male Bowl Piece, a Dab Rig, a Bubble Carb Cap, and a Rainbow Metal Dab Tool. Crafted for both bong enthusiasts and dabbing aficionados, this combo promises quality, convenience, and style in every session. Enjoy the perfect balance of filtration and flavor with this comprehensive dabbing setup.

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