5" Crackle Hand Pipe

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  • 5-inch thick glass pipe
  • Crafted with carb hole 
  • 1 pipe per order
  • Amazing quality hand pipe for travel or your main go to pipe! 

This ravishing handmade thick glass hand pipe is a perfect addition to your smoking collection! 

Carefully handcrafted with a carb hole, your hits are sure to be the easiest to control. This 5-inch glass pipe is the perfect size to travel with! Fits easily in the palm of your hand, easy to keep a grip on to prevent dropping. 

Being semi-clear it’s easy to know when it needs a good clean and when it’s looking like new.

Available only in wicked crackle! This glass hand pipe is sure to make the perfect gift for any smoker who loves trippy designs.

Is 5 inches too small for your liking? Check out our gorgeous selection of pipes in larger sizes! Our premium glass hand pipes are available in both 5 and 6 inches!


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  • $12.99
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