• Goldenrod 4" Handcrafted Thick Glass Hand Pipe w/ Carb Hole Glass Pipes

4" Handcrafted Thick Glass Hand Pipe w/ Carb Hole

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  • 4-inch thick glass pipe w/ deep bowl 
  • Crafted with carb hole
  • 1 pipe per order
  • Heavy glass w/ sturdy design. Perfect for an active smoker. 
  • 5 different, wacky designs

Are you looking for a wacky cool new glass hand pipe to add to your collection? Look no further! 

Our wicked 4’’ collectible thick glass hand pipes are available in 5 different crazy designs! For each order your pipe is chosen at random!

All pipes are crafted carefully with rad designs and a carb hole for the easiest control and smoothest smoke. 

Being semi-clear your new pipe will be easy to keep clean! 

Whether as a gift for yourself or a smoking partner we are certain this pipe will be the most unique out of your collection!

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  • $12.99
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