18" Flat Base Quad Honeycomb Percolator Bong w/ Ice Catcher

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  • 18" Flat Base Bong w/ Ice Catcher
  • Glass on Glass
  • Quad Honeycomb Percolator 
  • 18mm Male Bowl 
  • Perfect for someone who loves to enjoy a quality bong
  • Available in Pink, Green, and Purple!

Get your sesh on with this beautiful 18-inch bong including a quad honeycomb perc. 

Including a stunning quad honeycomb percolator, all of your bong hits are guaranteed to be both filtered and smooth! 

This sparkling bong will definitely make your smoking gear stand out when you roll up to a sesh, your smoking partners are definitely going to want to try taking a hit! With a bong as gorgeous and reliable as this, you can turn everyday smoking sessions into parties!

A smooth honeycomb filtered bong is a must have for every smokers collection! 

This beautiful and practical bong is available in pink, purple and green so you and two of your best smoking friends can have matching water bongs in all different colors!

  • $59.99
  • $89.99
  • - 33%