10" Classic Stoned Genie Beaker Base Bong w/ Ice Catcher

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  • 10-inch glass on glass bong
  • Ice Catcher 
  • Heavy/thick glass 
  • 14mm bowl piece 
  • Logo color: Blue/Black or Green/Black selected 
  • Also available in a larger 16-inch size
  • Replacement stem can be bought Here

Introducing our dazzling thick 10’’ glass bong! Sold with a beautiful slitted downstem as well as a 14mm male bowl piece.

This wondrous 10’’ glass water pipe is made of thick glass and is crafted specially with an ice catcher to provide ice cold bong hits every time. 

This bong is super clear and spectacularly see through so you’ll be able to easily know both when you need to clean your bong, and when it’s sparkling like new!

Whether as a gift or a personal item this gorgeous bong is perfect to add to any smokers collection. This water bong is perfect for everyone, including casual smokers!

It’s a simple and basic bong but that doesn’t mean it’s only for beginners, a simple sleek bong is required in every smokers collection, make sure you get one while supplies last!

If 10’’ isn't big for your smoking preferences but you still like the style, check out the larger 16’’ version here on StonedGenie.com!

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Quick delivery, safely packaged.

I had actually complained to Rahul about a perceived slow shipping/handling time for USPS had it wrong or delayed. Be patient, USPS is a mess on accurate tracking data. Item was sent out the next business day and arrived on the opposite coast on the fourth business day yet they had it coming three days later on the site. Thanks for Rahul being professional which goes a long way in my book. I would purchase needed items again. The bong gives a decent hit but I might go an inch or two larger in height next time. It is a typical beaker bong that is less easy to tumble, midsized and easy to store in small places. The bowl is not the best but never the one intended to be used with the item so a small thing. Overall it's a good mid-sized piece.


Awesome bong. I will definitely be back

David Akers
Satisfied Customer

Excellent product. I'll be back.

Great product!

I’ve bought three of these! Love it!


Awesome company!!! Great products!!!

Customer Reviews

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