Vape Battery

Our vape pen batteries are the best in the market for your vaping device, we are confident that these can give you the best reliability, and performance that would not exhaust for 10 months to 1 year. With proper care, it can give you multiple charging and a wonderful backup before it runs out.

Purchasing rewrapped or knock-off or even wrong brand batteries can endanger the longevity of your device, it also poses a safety issue. Buying cheap pen batteries is more likely to burn out a lot faster than what we provide. The time you’ve spent in your local vape shop can be used to order them online if you have been waiting far too long for the satisfaction from a good vape. Our vape batteries get through a quality check before they get delivered to the customer to ensure that we deliver the best quality product. So, order one today and enjoy a hassle-free vape time.