Tornado Bong

Stoned Genie is glad to offer a wide choice of Tornado Bongs. These pieces include turbine perc which will change a customary smoking encounter into something genuinely next level. Tornado Design in the bong, likewise known as cyclone bongs, highlight a remarkable permeation framework that makes water emit in a whirling cyclone. They are both practical and astonishing to watch. We convey a scope of Tornado bongs and dab rigs in different sizes and for each spending plan. So peruse our internet-based shop to find the best cyclone bong for you!

This will only elevate and improve your smoking experience and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it!

The thicker you structure the smoke, the more you'll see the cyclone activity. An impact will make your companions go wow and can make this bong among your undisputed top choices.