On Sale

You just got paid and it’s time to buy a new piece! Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a new bong, a bowl and some accessories - all while still having enough cash left over to also grab some of your favorite dry herb? 

Here at Stoned Genie, we aim to provide you with pipes, bubblers and bongs for sale at a price you’re sure to love. We recognize that each smoker has their own preferences and economic considerations, which is why we’re eager to ensure that every customer finds the perfect piece that they’re after. From our collection of bongs under $20, to our massive inventory of accessories (and everything in-between), price shouldn’t be a priority when it comes to getting what you’re after. Whether it’s payday or you just have an extra few bucks to spend on something new, you’ll always be in luck when visiting www.StonedGenie.com

Don’t forget - just because you’re looking at cheap bongs doesn’t mean you're sacrificing in quality. Our inventory is loaded with a variety of dependable products that are built to last. 

Here are some of our favorite products that are currently on sale. Please remember - promo codes are not eligible for sale items. 

Want to learn more about some of our favorite items on sale? Our blog has useful information on bongs, pipes, bubblers, accessories and more.