Shopping for a Bong? Read on…

Is this your first time acquiring a bong? If you answered yes, we're sure you're feeling a little intimidated. Most likely because you are unsure of what to look for or are just overwhelmed by our variety of options.

With so many possibilities available in the market, purchasing a bong can be intimidating for a stoner. This is where we come in, to provide a quick guide to purchasing your ideal bong.

  • The material – this is a critical thing to consider.  Generally, our favorite bongs are made of glass. However, a few ardent smokers prefer theirs to be fashioned of ceramic or plastic. The amusement doesn’t end there though. The market also features some decent metal bongs.

Having said that, many stoners prefer glass over plastic since it is easier to maintain, safe and looks more attractive. On the other hand, if you prefer a more refined look, ceramic bongs are the way to go. And although they are slightly more expensive than the others, you can be certain of a luxurious experience.

  • The size - the bong's size should be optimal for use. There are a lot of different types of bongs on the market now, and it can be hard to figure out what is important and what isn't. The truth is that everyone's bong size needs will be different based on their daily activities.

For instance, we believe that if you're frequently on the move, you'll require something more compact, such as micro bongs. On the other hand, if you're looking to express your passion for glass, there's nothing wrong with a stunning, heady showcase piece. Our guide's main goal is to help stoners find the right bong for a great smoking experience. Obviously, there is something for everyone. 

  • Your Financial Situation - how much money are you willing to spend? Our bongs are priced differently depending on what you're looking for. The price is determined by its scale, size, content, and, of course, design. 

However, from the point of view of a long time stoner, we don't think that price should be the main factor in whether or not to buy a bong. If you choose a cheap and flimsy bong, you'll have to replace it fairly frequently. In the end, this results in a higher financial cost. Words of advice, you can make your bong last longer by spending a little extra money on a strong and durable bong.

  • Bong accessories - if this is your first bong, you may require additional tools or pieces. Conduct some research prior to making a purchase. The good news is that our bongs are easy to change and only need extra parts and accessories giving the clients an exciting way to modify their bongs. To add on that, for a more exciting smoking experience, you should consider purchasing add-ons when purchasing a bong, and you can increase your smoking experience with us.
  • The Vendor - Once you've determined the above-mentioned items, you can now consider the appropriate retailer for your purchase. To be honest, there are numerous sellers selling various varieties of bongs. It's therefore safe to assume that we have the highest quality bongs available. Your requirements will be met regardless of whether they are made of glass, crystal (plastic), or ceramic.

 That concludes the discussion. By now, you should know that we've covered everything you need to know to find the right bong part for you. Take advantage of the knowledge you've gained here today and shop with us. We have a high-quality product available just for you. Shop with us for a sensational smoking experience.