Q: How did you start Stoned Genie?

A:  Stoned Genie started as a side hustle. My Dad had a brick and mortar smoke shop and had some extra inventory that wasn’t selling as fast in the shop. So I decided to try and sell the glass online and the rest was history. 

Q: You have a wide range of products on your website. Can you give advice for a beginner what might be the first stoners set to buy and why?
A: I would say if you are getting your first bong, you want to keep it simple. Our traditional 10” beaker base is perfect for all levels. The design allows perfect functionality and it has an ice catcher in the neck of the bong. So if you are a beginner an ice catcher is going to be super crucial for you because that’s really going to cool down the smoke and not be as harsh.


Q: Can you tell what’s the difference between your Zongs and Dab Rigs? In which way is more convenient to smoke?
A: Zongs are more for dry flower and Dab Rigs are geared more for people who smoke concentrates.


Q: What’s your cannabis consumption routine? Can you share your favourite ways to consume cannabis?
A: I’m honestly a very simple cannabis smoker. If I’m smoking at my house, I just use a regular bong. If i’m out with friends, I’ll usually take a few joints with me since they are more compact and easy to carry.

Q: What’s the healthiest way to consume cannabis? Is a bong healthier because it filters the cannabis through water?
A: I would say it's definitely easier on your lungs. As far as the science behind it, I would say there is a lot of information out there and just make sure you feel okay after you smoke.

Q: What should we pay attention to when choosing the bong/pipe/bubbler?
A: I would say definitely look on how you want to use this piece of glass. Is it going to be something you use at home, travel with, or need something super discreet. If you know what you are going to use it for, it makes it a lot easier to pick which one to go with!

Q: Beside your brand, who’s your favorite bong/pipe producer/seller?
I would say our 6” Pineapple bong is a big favorite. The unique pineapple design is an eye catcher and seems to be a huge favorite of all our followers. 

Q: Are there any brands you appreciate and follow in your state?
A: I would say I really like what Stiiizy is doing here in southern california. They are pioneering a lot of things in the industry and it’s fun to see.

Q: What would be your advice to people who want to open their own cannabis brand? Any tips and tricks on how to avoid difficulties in the early stages?
A: I would say it’s extremely hard and an uphill battle. Nobody is in your corner due to federal regulations. So you can get your content taken down, issue with credit card processing and a long list of issues. But if you are resilient and can dedicate yourself to the grind you can have a chance.


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