• Glass Screens - 200 Count
  • Glass Screens - 200 Count
  • Glass Screens - 200 Count

Glass Screens - 200 Count

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  • Bundle of Glass Screens in Plastic Container.
  • Perfect to fill any bowl piece, glass pipe, bubbler, or any other accessory. 
  • 200 count of glass screens

Our Glass Screens are perfect for securing your glass pipe, bong, or bubbler. Made of premium-grade tempered glass, the screens provide strength and durability. Also the perfect addition to make sure you don't waste any Herb. You'll never have to worry about metal screens corroding in your pipe again. 

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Sanchez
Works great

They work great. Easy to use.

Tina D
A Great Alternative

These little guys are just what I needed. I'm a klutz when it comes to those little mesh screens. I go through far too many and they often end up on the ground usually filled with unsmoked kind bud. A tragedy, I know! These things prevent such catastrophes.

Great accessory to have

I was in need of screens for a few weeks. just kept forgetting to purchase them.
I came across these and thought id give them a shot.
The come in a few different colors mixed up in the container. The container has a small latch to lock the lid.
I had a couple that were missing stems but they should still work.
They hand the heat just fine.

Relief critters

These little critters are my saviors for my lungs. The paper made me cough & pipes screens make it rough. These glass filters make pipe smoking smooth and are reusable. I just wash them.
Thank you,


These lil boogers are perfect for the job!! They have cute colors, and different sizes - which I wasn't expecting! Cuts down on accidently sucking ash down your throat - which is always a good thing. Easy to use, easy to remove &/or clean (if you don't wanna trash em) and comes with plenty to last you a while. Only reason I gave 4 stars, instead of 5 stars - there was a handful of them fussed together, couldn't break them apart w/out breaking them in general, so that's a handful I can't use, etc... Besides that, I absolutely love em and highly recommend everybody uses these things!!

Customer Reviews

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