• Olive Drab 5" Thick Candy Crush Blue Spoon Glass Pipe Glass Pipes

5" Thick Candy Crush Blue Spoon Glass Pipe

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  • 5-inch thick glass pipe
  • Crafted with carb hole 
  • Available in 3 different colors!

Introducing our dazzling 5-inch glass collectible Candy Crush smoking pipes!

Crafted to include a carb hole as well as a beautiful design.

Our collectible Candy Crush pipes come in three assorted colors: bubbly blue, blue/orange speckles and yellow/black speckles! We’re sure you will fall in love your new travel-sized, Candy Crush pipe!

Your new pipe is going to be easy to hold and simple to control, having the perfect hand-held size as well as a carb-hole. 

Our Candy Crush pipes make the perfect gift for a traveling smoker. Being small and compact, they’re easy for on the go action!

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