If your first experience with cannabis was with a glass pipe, you are like countless others with a similar introduction. After all, glass pipes are a staple in the cannabis community and a must-have for any herb aficionado. 

Unlike common tobacco pipes that are made from wood, clay or even corncob, a cannabis pipe is typically made from glass, ceramic, or silicon. These materials are perfect for smoking weed, as they don’t get as hot when applying heat for extended periods of time. Glass, ceramic and silicon pipes can also be formed and molded in countless ways, making for endless options for the type of pipes you can add to your collection. 

When adding to your lineup, you don’t have to look much further than the glass tobacco pipes & weed pipes for sale at Stoned Genie. With affordable prices and a massive selection, you’ll have the perfect pipe for every occasion. After all, every experienced stoner knows they need at least three pipes. 

The first pipe that everyone needs is their reliable go-to. This pipe probably isn’t too big, nor too small. Instead, it’s the pipe that feels perfect in your palm as you cover the carb and start to corner the bowl. Since you’ll be leaving this one at home, you’ll want to make sure that this pipe has a flat base so that it doesn’t roll around too much. You may even also consider a pipe pillow, a place you keep your piece safely to ensure it doesn’t fall or break. No matter how many pipes you might have, everyone has their favorite go-to. 

Your second pipe is likely to be your travel buddy. This is the smaller pipe that can easily fit in your hiking backpack or shoulder bag. Probably just slightly bigger than a one-hitter, the bowl on your smaller pipe is likely good for three to four solid rips. This makes it perfect for when you’re out hiking and want to recenter your vibes, without having to load up a large bowl that you might otherwise smoke at home. 

Getting ready to throw a fiesta with all of your closets pals? It’s time to pull out the double-bowl pipe - that’s right, a pipe with two bowls for even more of your favorite herb. For those that don’t like smoking from a bong, or those that simply want to add another piece to their rotation, a pipe with two bowls will be the envy of all your friends. This is the pipe that can be passed around the circle again and again, without any concern of running out of fresh greens. 

For a first-time smoker, a pipe may just be a pipe. But as your enthusiasm for smoking cannabis grows, so will your interest in quality rigs. When looking for glass tobacco pipes and weed pipes for sale, your best bet is to shop with Stoned Genie. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the perfect pipe for hiking, something for your next shindig, or simply a new everyday piece, Stoned Genie has a massive selection of quality options to choose from. 

Find your next pipe today and you’ll realize why glass pipes are such a staple in the cannabis community. 

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