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There may be endless ways to enjoy cannabis at your home or parties, but there are even more reasons to purchase the right products. Just like any artistic product you see in the market, smoking gears also developed with passion and creativity. 

You must have heard many times that every creative design has a story behind it, same goes with the smoking gears—some are created with passion, while some with a deep story. 

Keeping all this in mind, it has become a necessity of time to choose the right product. You know, weed has never been this good—and, all thanks to the customization that comes with endless options. 

If you’re looking a way to get high with a range of smoking gears, you have arrived at the right place. Right here, in this blog, we will mention the top smoking products that everyone should stock. Keep scrolling! 

1. Bongs under $20 

6” Frosted Blue Beaker Bong: Richie-Rich, deep and dense blue coloured, this bong is not only inexpensive but a classy product to have at your house—to show off, of course, and get high. 

5" Fumed Shower Bend Bong: Another classy range of bong with 14mm fumed bowl piece. A one-of-a-kind product that you would love to have at your house. 

2. Bubblers under $20 

6" Premium Glass Blue Swirl Bubbler w/ Carb Hole: A great-great choice for smoke accessory lovers. This premium glass blue swirl bubbler is even perfect if you’re looking for some gift ideas for your friends. 

7" Premium Red Glass Hammer Bubbler w/ Percolator: Designed with a carb hole and a percolator to ensure that your hits are smooth and filtered. A perfect gift for any smoke gear lover. 

Apart from them, you can explore a wide range of bongs, pipes and bubbles at

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