6" Slime Green Straight Neck Bong

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  • Flat base
  • Comes with a Bowl piece
  • Amazing design
  • 6 inches
  • Slime Green color

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This 6-inch bong offers all of the benefits you'd expect from a quality water pipe: a large bowl for packing plenty of flower and a beaker-style design ensuring a smooth flow of smoke every time. The tapered neck plus deep base also provide extra stability, so you can relax as you savor each inhale from your new bong.

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Introducing the 6" Slime Green Straight Neck Bong - an exquisite exploration of luxury, beauty, and style. Expertly crafted from high quality glass, this piece stands just six inches tall with a slim neck design that is sure to grace any glass collection. The eye catching slime green finish provides a unique look that will turn heads and have your friends drooling!

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Pairing stylishness with performance, our 6" Slime Green Straight Neck Bong is undisputedly one of our best pieces yet. If you're looking for powerful hits, eye-catching visuals and intuitive use—you've come to the right place! Experience what ultimate luxury looks like - get your hands on this one today and join in on everyone else's envy.
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