5" Fumed Shower Bend

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  • Shower Bend Dab Rig
  • 5 inches
  • Glass on Glass 
  • 14mm fumed bowl piece 
  • Single Perk 
  • Want to buy one of these with a quartz banger? Take a look at our dab rigs section where we have it bundled! 

Are you trying to discover how amazing you could make your everyday smoking sessions? Well, you’re in luck! With this gorgeous 5-inch glass shower bend, you can! 

This rig includes a single percolator and a shower bend neck design. 

We know that this stellar shower bend is sure to surpass both you and your smoking partners needs and expectations!

The 5-inch shower bend is fumed color changing glass. One of a kind water pipe that you will love to use every day! 

  • $19.99
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